Spring Pendant In 9Ct Gold

Spring Pendant In 9Ct Gold


9Ct gold pendant set with acrylic and Australian white opal. Designed and made to order in our Sydney studio.

The high polished metal structure is 3D printed in wax and later cast in 9ct gold using lost wax technique.

The acrylic panel is hand engraved in a flower pattern and houses the Western Australian white opal.

The opal is set in the acrylic using a specially developed system inspired by the stone setting technique "bezel setting". The pressure created by the acrylic holds the stones in place, without the use of glue or any other material. In turn the 9ct gold body holds the acrylic panel using the same setting principle.

The pendant is engraved on the back with JOAO VAZ 375 (375 is the standard numerical stamp that notes what precious metal has been used).

9Ct Gold - Australian sourced and cast by Pure Casting in Sydney.
Acrylic - Sourced and laser cut by Modelcraft in Sydney.
Opal - Mined and sourced from Western Australia.
Chain - Manufactured and sourced from USA
Read more about the materials and techniques used to make this piece.

Pendant: 1.2cm / 0.6in wide; 4mm / 0.2in thick.
Chain length 46cm / 18in.
Opal 4mm / 0.2in wide.

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