Justice Choker

Justice Choker


Brass and acrylic choker. Designed and made to order in our Sydney studio.

Due to the complexity of this piece, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete from order date.

The brass components are textured while still wax and are then cast in brass using lost wax technique.

After being high polished by hand in our Sydney studio each brass component is set with a hand engraved acrylic slab, shaped like a blade.

Each acrylic panel has a different engraving, and it depicts a different stage in the fictional story of the creation and destruction of the universe:

Panels 1 & 11 - Represent the begging and the end of the universe as we know it. Both are engraved in a way to simulate "static", the emptiness that exists before and after everything that exists.

Panel 2 - The emptiness starts to transform and star like formations appear. The noise evolves from chaos into order and from that order stars emerge.

Panel 3 - Fed by star light pearls grow and multiply inside the stars.

Panel 4 - Inside the pearls, where the centre is protected by the pearl's nacre layers from the harsh star light, organic life emerges.

Panel 5 - Life develops and grows stronger. Now able to make use of the light it multiples and expands.

Panel 6 - After a period of intense reproduction and multiplication, organic life becomes the creator of the second life, a different organism that is different from its origin.

Panel 7 - The second life expands as it matures and despite having so far coexisted in egalitarian terms with the original organic matter, it starts to want more. This desire becomes greed and it starts to consume everything around itself.

Panel 8 - In an attempt to rescue its own existence, the first life tries to enter the second life (not to be confused with artificial intelligence) and by doing so, to reintroduce the original pact that ensured the peaceful proliferation of both life forms.

Panel 9 - The organic life fails in its rescue mission and is consumed and institutionalised by the second life.

Panel 10 - With no contradictory argument to its will, the voice and the echo are holy united and the second life permeates all that exists, so that 2 become 1. Without the friction between disparate elements, heat diminishes and the great cold ensues. Without being able to survive it, the order that organised chaos and originated life, dissipates and extinguishes. The only thing left behind is noise. 

The choker closes at the back with black cord. One of the panels is laser engraved with JOAO VAZ.

Brass - Australian sourced and cast by Pure Casting in Sydney.
Acrylic - Sourced and laser cut by Modelcraft in Sydney.
Cord - Sourced from Lincraft Sydney, Australia.
Read more about the materials and techniques used to make this piece.

Brass components span approximately 36cm /  14.2in
ach panel is approximately 5 x 4.5cm / 2 x 1.8in wide
Height 6cm / 2.4in

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