Eternity Chain Earrings in Black & White

Eternity Chain Earrings in Black & White


Handmade to order - 1 to 2 weeks.

Acrylic and cubic zirconia earrings with 24ct gold coated sterling silver hooks. Can be worn with or without bottom link.

Top to bottom earring height with only top link: 4.5cm (1.8in); with both links: 7.5cm (3in).

Top link width 3cm(1.2in); bottom link width: 4.7cm(1.9in).

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The acrylic is laser cut and then tumbled to create the homogenous matt finish and deeper colour. It is also engraved during the laser cutting process with 'JOAO VAZ'.

The acrylic is then hand-dyed in our Sydney studio and whilst this process is very consistent some mild tonal various might occur. After acquiring it's final colour, the acrylic is ready for the cubic zirconia stone. A technique that requires patience and dedication.

These earrings are set with 6mm (0.3in) princess cut stones, which are pressured in place exclusively by the acrylic (tension setting) without the use of glue or any other materials.

This dedication to creating pieces that are both abundant in simplicity and clarity reveal simultaneously an extraordinary attention to detail and innovation.

ACRYLIC -  100% recyclable material also known as Lucite and perspex, is sourced from the Sydney, Australia based laser cutting company Modelcraft. The company uses acrylic from different countries, mainly Germany, Indonesia and China.

CUBIC ZIRCONIAS - The cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide ZrO2. First introduced in the jewellery industry in 1976, they are a hard stone (8.5 Mohs scale, diamonds are 10 in the scale) of perfect clarity and exceptional brightness. The cubic zirconias used by Joao Vaz are manufactured by Fu Rong Gems in the province of GuangXi, China.

LASER CUTTING - Done in St Peters by Modelcraft Sydney, Australia.

STONE SETTING - All stones are set in our Marrickville Sydney studio in Australia.

HAND DYING - All acrylic components and jewellery pieces are hand dyed in our Marrickville Sydney studio in Australia using non-toxic household fabric dyes. All dye baths are re-used assuring minimal ink wastage.