Swarovski Pearls:

Please be careful to avoid deep scratches to the surface as it may remove the pearlescent coating. Swarovski pearls should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth or mild soap, after which you should let the pearls dry immediately. Never clean the pearls with solvents like acetone (in nail polish remover) or alcohol (in perfumes, etc).


Natural Pearls:

Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable to acid, alkaline and extremes of humidity. To preserve your pearls' radiance always put on your jewellery after, not before, applying make-up, hair spray or perfume. Pearls are exceptionally shock-resistant, but may be scratched by contact with sharp objects or other gemstones. To prevent this from happening store your piece in a protective jewellery pouch. To clean please use a soft damp cloth.



Do not wear jewellery pieces with glass components to bed. Glass is a naturally fragile material, so wear your pieces with particular care to avoid deep scratches to the surface. If dirty, please use a small brush and soapy water to clean the beads and dry with a dry soft cloth.


Natural Opals:

Opal is a soft stone, approximately the same hardness as glass (around 6.5 on Moh's hardness scale), so it is important to treat your opal carefully in order to avoid damaging it. Opal's may crack if subjected to very dry conditions or rapid changes in temperature. Try to avoid very high temperatures or low humidity extremes. Clean gently with a damp soft cloth and mild detergent, avoid soaking or immersing in water.


Gold, Sterling Silver & Brass:

Gold, silver and brass are naturally soft metals so treat them with special care to avoid damage and deep scratches. Household chemicals, moisture and cosmetics will tarnish the surface over time, as well as your skins acidity. If this happens wipe with a jewellery cleaning cloth.



Acrylic is a soft plastic so be mindful when wearing it to avoid deep scratches to the surface. If the surface has a matt finish, over time it might become 'frosty' so just apply with your hands a small amount of regular body moisturiser and this will return it to its original condition.

If the surface is polished just use a standard jewellery cleaning cloth (a silver cleaning cloth will be fine) to clean the piece and restore some of the original shine.


Cubic Zirconia:

Wear your cubic zirconia stones jewellery with caution and take the pieces off when doing activities such as gardening, laundry, cleaning and bathing. If the stones get dirty or seem to have lost some of the original shine, clean using a small soft brush and hot soapy water, then rinse in warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth. This will restore the cubic zirconia stones to their natural shine and clarity.


Nylon (Rapid Prototyping):

Most of our rapid prototyped materials are nylon based, so just be generally aware not to damage the surface or break the piece. Avoid household chemicals and any other strong chemical agents as these might alter the colour of the piece.


If your jewellery piece doesn't look the way you expect it to (dull surface, discolouration, etc.) just email us at and we'll help you.

Over time most metals will show signs of ageing. We'll often be able to re-polish of hand-finish the piece and restore it to its original condition. Our repair fees change depending on the piece and repair needs, and therefore each piece will be assessed individually, but generally repairs range from AUD$30.00 to AUD$75.00.

Please note that NOT all pieces can be repaired back to their original condition.

For any questions or tips on how to improve the look of your jewellery, please email us at